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Welcome to the Web presence of my private Bee-Keeping in St. Leon-Rot

With this page I'd like to introduce my bee-keeping activity and provide information on my local honey on sale.

I started bee-keeping in August 2020. 2021 brought only a small harvest of honey from my first beehive and was quickly consumed or handed away to family and friends.
Since 2022, I offer different tastes of honey collected by my bees in the area of St. Leon-Rot and in the Black Forest. All honey is completely natural without any additions or preservatives.
The honey is available at my home, please contact me to align a date for tasting or pick-up.

Please see my main site (unfortunately so far in German only) for available honey and prices.

If interested, please contact me directly using the information on the right-hand side (email, phone) and I'll be glad to provide more information.

I'm looking forward to your contact.

Best regards, Jochen Wolter

Jochen Wolter